Atmosphere & Solar Radiation Modeling Group

Desarrollo y mejora de los modelos meteorológicos de predicción numérica para su utilización en el campo de las energías renovables. Generación de una base de datos de alta resolución espacial y temporal del recurso solar directo en la provincia de Jaén.

Along the next years, the electric generation from renewables will experience a strong growth in Spain, even greater than the growth in the last five years. This is an unavoidable fact since we have to accomplish with the EU's commitments on the electrical production from renewable energies and reduction of the greenhouse gases by 2020. Particularly, for the solar energy, most of the generation will come from concentrating solar systems, where Spain is currently the first worldwide producer. However, the atmospheric fluctuations of the solar resource cause fluctuations on the production systems which distort and unbalance the electric distribution through the grid by feeding too much resource in some sites while in other there is a deficit. The weather models may be helpful in two different manners in the mitigation of this issue: (i) by allowing computing precise and reliable data bases with high spatial and temporal resolution to find out the best sitting and sizing of the solar systems according to the local variability of the resource and to support the development of the current concentrating photovoltaic systems; (ii) by forecasting the solar resource for improved planning and operation strategies of the production plants. This proposal aims to improve the current numerical weather prediction models so that they can be used in renewable energy applications. As a final result, it is intended to generate a 10-years-length, high spatial and temporal resolution data base of the direct normal solar radiation in the province of Jaén. It will be essential to support the development of the concentrating photovoltaic systems that currently are being conducted as part of the activities in the future Centre of Advanced Studies in Energy and Environment in the University of Jaén.